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Started by The Frowning Pony
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[screams in German]
Not a complaint, just want to say that the easy syntax buttons for mobile works wonders and it’s great, so thanks.
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@Pudding Pone
I haven’t noticed any difference in loading time.

If you mean they’re taking a long time to process, sometimes that happens when we’re getting many new uploads.
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Some images aren’t working – they display that "we’re just fetching this for you" message, the view files are all broken, and the comments’ fuzzy timestamps are equally broken. However, the thumbnails work fine – Check >>1971360 for a example. It seems to happen mostly with these kirin badge images but i’ve seen it happen in other places that i don’t remember as well. Anyone who can detect more of these please report.
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dynamic vector graphic!
good morning admin,i see weird in random post i found bugs in the tag can’t removed after delete post like this

i’m not make garbage post,i just report to admin,this real,not photoshop,so can you removed them?

evidence link already including in this image :)

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Dunno if this is a recent bug or I just never noticed, but when typing in a new tag on some random pic, I hit backspace to delete everything I had typed in already, and held it down since, as I remember, it would stop having any effect when there were no more characters in the new tag’s little text box. Instead, it started deleting the existing tags before it.

Otherwise, the tag box thing is much better than the usual "naked" text box from other boorus, so kudos. The only improvement I can think of would be the possibility to edit a tag box, but it’s no big deal.
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I distinctly remember it always deleting prior tags, and having to be extra careful when to stop, as I would remove more tags than intended. This has been the case for at least 2 years. It’s possible that your different behavior seen was due to your browser being a bit different.
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Word Bug

A much better method for clearing your tag (doesn’t require mashing a key at all) is Ctrl+a then Del (select all, delete). Absolutely cannot remove extra tags, and is overall a better habit to be in when you want to delete something you just wrote (this is the expected behavior for clearing chat boxes, text boxes, etc).
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Unregistered users are no longer able to change or add URLs to images after some recent updates to the tagging interface. Was this intentional?

I’m still able to start changing the source, but a captia is never generated for this so attempting to save the changed URL does nothing.
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