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Filly Funtasia Images: Pony Related or not?

Started by Jarkes
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The long and the short of it is, there isn’t enough of a relation between the two properties to justify hosting it. We’re a My Little Pony booru first and foremost, so that’s what we focus on. There’s no point trying to gotcha us with TFH or the few Last Unicorn pics we’ve allowed on here, or what other sites might or might not be doing, or what subjective percentage of fandom crossover you think you might or might not see. We have made a decision not to host it because this site is not a filly funtasia site.

As LB pointed out, there is a thread

Either way, here you go.

Just like there are threads for other non-MLP properties.
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So basically, the images we’ve already had on the site for years will stay up, but any more in the future are not allowed?

I really think this is a better solution than a purge of content. Of course the difficulty is the slight contradiction of allowing old content to exist that is technically against a current ruleset, but I believe this is absolutely justifiable in the efforts to preserve fandom history. It is not the Filly fandom that is being protected, it is the Brony fandom’s history.
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I’m not exactly best friends with the staff and moderation here and not used to praise the Derpibooru staff, but in this case, I have to say how commendable it is that there is such a strict position regarding "Filly Funtasia". I look forward to the purge of non-crossover uploads, too.
In a time and age where EQD is quick with reporting about unrelated things and loudly thinks about covering "Filly Funtasia" (not implying that Sethisto is addicted to views, of course) and where knighty thinks even louder about turning into a general fiction site, the course here is really refreshing.
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OK, that at least I can respect.
Much more honest than those 3 pages long arguments about how it would somehow completely disrupt the site and cause an xk-class-end-of-the-world scenario.
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@CMC Scootaloo

This didn’t even occur to me- which is a yikes on my end, since I’ve been in their physical space several times before!
Thanks for the reminder
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Imagine if all the impotent rage shown here over something so inconsequential was channeled into something productive? Proay have colonies on the moon. But nah, let’s rage against the mods for purging knockoff pony images.
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And now all the Filly fanart is being deleted because they just, they just can’t take it.
Nice job mods. Gold star.
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