Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and you

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For all the europeans here, today’s the last day to send out a message to your MEP, which if you’re EU citizen (and I know a lot of you are), you have several of. And they’re there to represent you.
There’s been a lot of talk about this topic, which you’ve mostly heard of as “Article 13”. If you want to know more in detail, click the link up there at the start. The short of it is there’s a directive being voted on (which means it’ll be laws soon) that includes an article with a draconian protection of copyright. There are a lot of interpretations about how bad this actually is, but a fair one is this: if an image subject to copyright is uploaded by a user, the site itself is immediately guilty of violating copyright. There is no assumption of good faith on part of the platform holder as being a host or carrier, but of actively and intentionally violating copyright from second zero. What that leads to is sites implementing filtering systems to nuke anything that looks copyrighted; I’m sure you’ve heard of the horrors of youtube, of videos flagged for containing content under Fair Use, of false copyright holders getting videos deleted because YT doesn’t want to risk getting sued so errs on the side of caution. Well, if this Art. 13, it’ll be that for most every website.
Derpi already has something that could handle this, the dupe reporter. Anyone that’s checked dupe reports on images has seen how that works: false positives are common. Under Art. 13, for this, and more importantly for far larger sites, a false positive means instant deletion; the risk otherwise is litigation. Of course you could just not have a filter and employ humans, but that means every single upload, be it an image or video or sound clip or just text (news articles are copyrighted, remember) needs to be monitored before being published. Even for us, that’s… impossible. And just like with an automated filter, those moderators will err on the side of caution. And of course, it’s not a far step to then use those systems for something worse; I’m sure you’ve all seen how China bans content critical of the regime, right? How every week there’s a new term to refer to something contentious like “Tianamen Square” that gets banned. Well this will a strong step in that direction, whether it’s taken or not (and I trust it will be; if there’s a tool, an asshole will abuse it).
So, if you’re an EU citizen, Contact your MEP, let them know you care about your freedom of expression, that you don’t want the entire internet to just resemble the corporate-approved sterility of Yahoo!’s home page.
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I was initially against Brexit, now I’m not. I feel if this nonsense goes through more countries will be pushed by citizens to follow. Hopefully this awful bill never becomes law.
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I’m American. I don’t have this issue with the state because I live in a free country where we are not a union and the government only has so much control over the citizens.
But I feel for you Euro users and I’m sorry things are going as poorly as they are. I wish there was something I could do to help. I can only suspect that a future civil war will happen in the EU, and the only enemy is of course the EU itself. I don’t like the EU or it’s control. It has not made good on any of it’s promises since the end of WWII, and has done nothing but subjugate it’s citizens. I’m rooting for you guys, and I, along with many more Americans, will be condemning the EU for it’s ridiculous bullshit.
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I hate to say it but this may set a precedent. The internet is worldwide and whose to say the Trump administration won’t follow up with their own laws similar to this using the excuse of protecting copyright for the EU and all that. They already pushed hard to end Net Neutrality, I can see that monster and his goons trying to push for a law very similar to this if the EU passes this awful bill.
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I’m surprised that the site is officially posting a political update…
Not that I am upset. This is very important!
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This comment section should really be about talking about the directive itself and/or tips on writing the message to send to MEPs, not political wankery.
Leaving the thread open for discussion was, ironically, a mistake. Oh well.
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I think i’m speaking for everyone when i say FUCK Article 11! FUCK Article 13! & FUCK THE EU!
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I visit Derpibooru everyday. Even though I’m American, I really don’t want this Article 13 to become a law! It’s bad enough that Net Neutrality is dead here, but taking away the site I love the most is like cutting one of my own limbs off. The internet is supposed to be for everyone, not for tyrannical, greedy bastards.
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I’m from the US, but everyonr deserves to search the internwt freely and safely. Should people have the right to uphold their copyrighted content? Of course! But if it’s at the cost of content creators, businesses, and overall internet culture — it’s time to take a step back.
To those who are writing to your MEPs, stand your ground and be the bigger person. Don’t resort to insults or keep telling the same thing inner and over again. If you want them to take us all seriously, you have to show them you know what you stand for and aren’t just yelling because you can.
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