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Derpibooru Mobile App ?

Started by bloom3d
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Is there a working one out there yet ?
I been looking for quite some tine for 1 , but there doesnt appear to be a single one that is working even remotely properly .
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It was an experimental test to make an app compatible with that site but it failed. There is no working app for the site. Especially considering the NSFW content here will be shot down by Google Play and the App Store.
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There used to be a semi-third-party app a few years ago (it was third party, but then we brought on the app dev as a site developer). Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued as that guy has moved on to newer projects.

I don’t believe there’s any currently supported mobile apps, or any active plans for new ones.
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The site displays just fine on mobile as is.


1. It’s bloated. In gallery view, I don’t need to see anything but a searchbar and the grid of images. In image view, I don;t need anything but the image, maybe with fave/upvote/downvote buttons showing up on tap
2. Viewing an image in full requires you to scroll down and tap the image
3. You cannot swipe between images, you need to use the arrows
4. If you decided you want to see the image in full, not the top half of it, to even use said arrows you need to scroll up again
5. Each time you go to the next image, the entire site has to reload, there’s no prefetching of the images, nothing of the sorts

The mobile site is usable, just barely, but hardly ideal.

Animeboxes has Derpibooru support, but just for browsing. Can’t fave, rate, read or add comments, etc. That’s the most that can be done with the current sorry state of the API.
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