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Apology accepted and appreciated. In today’s climate it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed by news cycles and their doomsaying.

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It means "if you aim your attention towards something positive, and act as strongly as you did here, you can do great things".
At least that’s what I think he meant, don’t quote me, I’m so fucking drunk I can barely remember how I got home.
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I changed my mind, Because the truth is that The EU is a authoritarian dictatorship
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It’s not a totalitarian regime. But yes, there is the danger it might eventually become one. You could say that about many countries though, authoritarianism is on the rise worldwide.
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I assume you’re the same guy that freaks out about wars and massive societal collapse every other day in the politics thread. Please stop, this isn’t healthy, not for you, and not for anyone with a nervous disposition that you might be scaring.

Art 13 is a huge pile of shit, almost as bad as 11, but it will not affect this site. The criteria for application requires a site have over a certain amount of users, and over a certain amount of yearly revenue, and we are far below those.
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