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Derpibooru Article 13

Started by Dr Fluttershy
365 replies
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As a non-profit community, Derpibooru is supposedly exempted from Article 13. Same goes for small enterprises.
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Honestly, While the directive deserves criticism, I don’t think it’s apocalyptically awful like most say, It’s a very mixed bag
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If neither your server nor your bank account are in the EU, you should be fine. (Or that’s my understanding)

Thank you, Articles 11 & 13, for proving Brexit’s point.
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I don’t know what the hell to do
People on social media are telling me that The EU is secretly evil, greedy, sadistic, malicious, and twisted hacks just like The GOP because both only care about rich donors and big corporate hacks
I fear that this will lead to a violent revolution in Europe
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Now this is an interesting quote from Reda’s Twitter
Currently there are two versions of #Article13, the Parliament and the Council version. Both are bad. As long as they don’t find a compromise, the directive can’t be adopted.“
So basically, What she’s saying is that since another Trilogue day has been added, The less likely a compromise will be found and the directive dies.
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At this point, Considering no progress, We’re doomed
To my friends in The EU, watch as much videos, browse fanart, read fanfiction, etc as much as possible before they all turn into dust
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