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Derpibooru and the Future

Started by Joey
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Dear Derpibooru Community,

Over the past five years, we have watched Derpibooru grow from a small hobby project into a massive art community and one of the largest sites in the MLP fandom. This site has grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and expectations into something major that affects all of our lives daily.

Recently, we have been evaluating our position as the fandom’s premier art community, and which direction we should take the site in going forward. After evaluating all of our choices, we have decided to partner with another art website who has a much more vivid, diverse, and longer history than us, who will help us continue to grow and evolve as a site.

While our new partner site is not ready to be officially announced by name yet, they have already started to help us improve our branding. Therefore, you may notice some subtle changes to the site’s appearance, with a few colors being tweaked here and there, an updated site logo, and a stronger emphasis on barnyard animal badges.

We understand change can be scary, but going forward, we think this will be a major improvement to the Derpibooru community, and we think you’ll like what we have in store.


The Derpibooru team

(Also, if you really don’t like our fantastic new theme, you can go to your Settings page, click "Display", and change to the classic theme.)
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Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the past five years. The five-year community collab was an excellent indicator of just how many people are part of the community here.

Going forward, the administrative and moderation teams will remain the same. We aren’t letting you go that easily. ;)
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Ah yeah I think I just remembered something about a UK hosting that might not even be relevant anymore. GTM+1 then.
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. . . This.. wow, I can’t even look at this site right now. It’s so cluttered that it’s outright ludicrous. I’m fine with the rest but the new buttons on the pictures are so large that they even cut past the frames in the ’best of’ section.
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