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Banned I guess

Started by KroganTiger
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So, I got banned for two days. No warning, nothing. I don’t do anything here other than favorite posts. I’ve only ever made three comments and my last one was 8 months ago, all of them totally nice. Apparently the reasoning was being rude, declaring people my enemy and stuff. I’m not sure if this is where I need to post this or what, but I just want to go back to favoriting pony arts. So.. a little assistance please? Even a reasoning would be fine.
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There are no bans registered under your account, nor have there ever been. Most likely you were hit temporarily by an IP ban.
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Your IP happened to be the same as one another banned user was on, you were not the target of the ban. I’ve whitelisted your account since it seems likely this might happen again.

Yes and I should be clear that I found the specific ban involved here and have noted it in the whitelist reason.
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