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Artist tag change

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Started by Luri69
6 replies
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Hi! So, I come here to ask if I can have my girlfriend artist tag changed to the correct name, the current is 69bea, and the correct is 69beas, woild be good to alias the old one to the new,so please, if this can be done, we would be really grateful
Drawing Unique
Artist -

@Derpy Whooves
Hi i wanted to ask if theres a chance to change My Artist Name Tag too? My current one is Buttercake_Pie because that was my old Tumblr account, The link doesent work anymore, i have a new Link to my new Tumblr and i wanted to change my Artist Tag to Drawing_Unique. But only if that is possible.
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@Derpy Whooves
Hello! Can you change (merge?) my artist tag (Sparkiss-Pony) to Equmoria please?

I changed my nickname two years ago because Sparkiss is one of my OCs, but I don't associate her with myself anymore. ':D
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