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Size: 1280x1024 | Tagged: alicorn, annoyed, applejack, appletura, artist:azurllinate, bow, canon x oc, celestibra, changedling, changeling, changeling x dragon, cloven hooves, coloratura, crying, dragon, earth pony, egg, embrax, eyes closed, female, folded wings, futurehooves, happy, homosexuality, horns, interspecies, king sombra, king thorax, kissing, laying on side, leaning, lesbian, looking at each other, lord ember, male, multiple characters, next gen:futurehooves, oc, oc:sol bright, older, older yona, pony, ponytail, preglestia, pregnant, princess celestia, princess ember, rarajack, safe, shipping, size difference, smiling, speech, speech bubble, straight, thorax, unicorn, yak, yona
Size: 712x1016 | Tagged: alicorn, alicorn oc, artist:cosmic-wonders, bow, cute, female, hair bow, happy, long eyelashes, mare, oc, oc:fleurbelle, pony, ribbon, safe, smiling, sweet, yellow eyes
Size: 1535x2148 | Tagged: artist:undeadponysoldier, blood, character introduction, crying, emo, evil, gradient background, heterochromia, mask, oc, oc:bryce, oc only, pony, safe, self insert, sinister, tears of blood
Size: 1536x1536 | Tagged: artist:poponkaponpon, earth pony, eyes closed, female, grin, lineart, mare, monochrome, nervous, nervous grin, pinkie pie, pony, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, sweat, white background
Size: 6900x5500 | Tagged: absurd res, alicorn, artist:theretroart88, beach, boombox, clothes, clothes swap, dessert, equestria girls, equestria girls outfit, equestria girls ponified, equestria girls series, food, ice cream, levitation, magic, ocean, pen, ponified, pony, radio, raised hoof, safe, sand, sitting, smiling, sunset shimmer, swimsuit, telekinesis, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unicorn
Size: 2480x3425 | Tagged: artist:sumin6301, axe, boots, bow, clothes, equestria girls, female, ponytail, rainbow dash, safe, shoes, simple background, skirt, solo, weapon, white background
Size: 1537x3375 | Tagged: artist:sumin6301, clothes, equestria girls, female, power ponies, rainbow dash, safe, smiling, solo, zapp
Size: 3188x3188 | Tagged: artist:sumin6301, blushing, breasts, busty rainbow dash, cloud, equestria girls, erect nipples, female, power ponies, rainbow dash, solo, solo female, spreading, spread legs, suggestive, zapp
Size: 764x612 | Tagged: artist:alazak, cup, happy, levitation, magic, pony, safe, smiling, solo, teacup, telekinesis, that pony sure does love teacups, trixie, unicorn
Size: 1583x939 | Tagged: alicorn, armor, athena sparkle, clothes, costume, cropped, pony, safe, scare master, screencap, solo, spider web, struggling, stuck, teeth, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 167x284 | Tagged: background human, bright idea, clothes, cropped, display of affection, equestria girls, equestria girls series, female, fleur-de-lis, male, pants, rear view, safe, screencap, shoes, shorts, socks, teddy t. touchdown
Size: 422x623 | Tagged: cropped, cute, female, fluttershy, mare, pegasus, pony, safe, scare master, screencap, shyabetes, smiling, solo
Size: 652x732 | Tagged: clothes, costume, cropped, door, evil grin, fluttershy, grin, pony, safe, scare master, screencap, smiling, solo
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