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safe1640364 edit125803 edited screencap60887 editor:reb4ham16 screencap213858 annoyed delegate23 constructicorn23 fancypants1887 fleur de verre220 free throw32 galena37 march gustysnows241 spike76683 tropical dream79 yuma spurs71 griffon25607 princess spike (episode)712 animated95316 citizens of equestria statue11 flying36205 hoof hold7851 magic69800 mouth hold16357 reversed782 smiling230493 statue2228 teamwork75 telekinesis26252 unnamed pony1921


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Lillian Sandra

@Mr. Klaus
That's right, Mr. Klaus. A person isn't supposed to fix something when it's broken earlier. However, if he/she uses teamwork with other people and use all of their efforts, then the thing would have been fixed. So basically, what you see in this picture is going in reverse.