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(A little context: In this particular universe, Silver Spoon and Octavia are sisters, hence why she's there.)

"Eee! Vinyl, put me down!"
"Hey Tavi, I just kidnapped one of you guys. How much can I get for 'em?"
"Hmm, that depends. What are they like?"
"Short, nerdy, wears frilly dresses, likes guys in masks singing?"
"Oh, that one. You can keep her."
"Sweet! I always wanted a pet. I'm gonna name you Grover! Come on, Grover, let's go see the world!"
"Be sure to give her plenty of breaks!"
safe1654556 artist:tahublade7408 dj pon-328811 octavia melody23359 silver spoon6412 vinyl scratch28814 anthro249257 plantigrade anthro30556 3d71388 alternate universe10032 boots20781 carrying2133 clothes441074 couch7768 daz studio760 dress42773 feet38102 female1318096 glasses59084 lesbian93891 over shoulder41 playing1429 rough housing7 scratchtavia2916 shipping193574 sisters8290 socks63517


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