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“Let me see your battle cry!”

safe2089756 artist:heir-of-rick1454 arizona (tfh)1707 tianhuo (tfh)1080 cow4379 longma1201 them's fightin' herds7317 ...3057 :t4344 arizonadorable79 bandana6840 battle cry13 cloven hooves15155 comic130797 community related7695 cute252175 female1710526 mane of fire1924 war face76


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“You’re going to go into battle with that? Louder!”  
  • deep breath * “Mooooooooo.”
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I like to think that Arizona’s “moo” is actually Super Deep and booming. But it’s still just a Cow’s “moo” so the intimidation factor still has a pretty low peak~
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

This cow is crossing into the territory occupied by little yappy dogs, where it stops being cute and starts sounding like ‘punt me’.