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Celestia>>[You Are Here]  
suggestive167955 artist:thebrokencog973 princess celestia103288 principal celestia4019 human189520 equestria girls228446 belly button92707 big breasts102040 breasts330123 busty princess celestia11900 canterlot high3287 cheerleader3110 cleavage39724 clothes541077 eye clipping through hair10242 female1557013 hair over one eye10840 humanized108017 looking at you207799 midriff21200 pom pom1343 school spirit228 selfie4062 signature33414 skirt46649 solo1227576 solo female201913 sports bra4177 wondercolts726


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I dunno… Luna, I kind’ve understood, since it looked like she was still somewhat professional, but this one of Celestia seems to be really lacking in how regal and proper she usually looks.

Dem hips, though.
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Not sure if team will be motivated enough to completely dominate or too distracted to have any idea what they’re doing.