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The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen Set 06

This is a little event I come up for all my patron to have some fun. Its a story of young hybrid pony-changeling who try to find her father.

This is "Your Decide Picture series". Or I call it "Comment Driven Story". All of patrons will decide what happens in this story.

If you dont know what is "Comment Driven Story" See this "Moonstuck" as the example

This series is free to read for all of you in every time it reach 5 pages. But if you want the chance to comment and decide the action of young queen. You can join by being my patron. "All" of patrons can join this event. Even you give just 1$ per month you still can join this and get early access on this series!!

Have fun to watch my young queen journey. Everyone! XD

My Patron :
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Banana Combine Squad X
I personally think that Chrysalis or changelings overall dont really posess trained Soldiers unlike canterlot does. Instead they still beat most of the Royal guards and alot of ponies with their quantity instead of quality. Its like you compare a Wasp hive with a Bee hive. 10 Wasps can take out an entire swarm of bees, simply because they are superior in strength, stamina and evasion.

Anyway in my headcannon i believe that Chrysalis probably let her elite troops back in her hive in case of an attack while she, as the probably strongest changeling of the bunch, was not arround
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Best among Changeling don’t make him best than pony…The whole Changeling army ever lost against 6 mares. Student, Farmer, Racer, Fashionista, Baker and Animal Caretaker after all…
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

What you see is one of your mother’s best soldiers and your personal bodyguard having been captured by an apple farmer with a rope. What will you do?

Ask for better training for the guards..?
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