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dead source21591 safe1656710 artist:skyeypony141 pinkie pie211333 rarity177405 trixie65704 twilight sparkle293925 alicorn214824 pony921029 canterlot5531 featured image845 female1319923 grin36230 jumping3230 mannequin1096 mare457434 open mouth136919 raised hoof43030 sign3880 smiling234632 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120967 twixiepie9 walking4500


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Would like to see an episode where she goes back to ponnevile where she tries to get forgivnes from all and succeed of course

Then staying with Fluttershy or twilight in the few episodes or why not Zecora

he ate Good Eric
The Twixie shipper in me wants to think this started as a date and then Pinkie Pie showed up and wouldn't go away, totally oblivious to the fact that she's a third wheel.