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Background Pony #530E
am i the only one who really likes sassy? everyone else seems to hate her, and also because of this episode i like rarity more now, she used to be my least favourite pony but now, i like her.

I'm not famous.
This is obviously what episodes sound like before they get sent to William Anderson and the sound editors/mixers/designers for post-production audio work. My guess is the one temporary door slam was edited in by the person whose job it is to edit the voice actors’ lines together if needed.
Background Pony #B893
So Rarity and Rainbow dash are the first of the six to have a real date, I can live with this!
Background Pony #B9CF
Good to see more continuity. Not just from the last episode, but also Testing Testing 1, 2, 3.
Background Pony #E09E
Oh wow I wasn’t expecting to see Sassy back so soon, but I like this immediate continuity! It also makes sense, knowing how the Wonderbolts are often in Canterlot (and so will Dash than), but Rarity will be there more often as well since she opened the Boutique.