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suggestive143258 artist:suirano1486 rarity182091 anthro260695 series:world of gemstones6 absolute cleavage3487 armpits42970 breasts278240 busty rarity12852 cleavage34633 female1365465 pasties1813 rarihips157 solo1065920 solo female179981 swimming pool2712 thunder thighs8420 water13299 waterfall1687 wet8071 wet mane5184 wet mane rarity822 wide hips17268


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Aww man… full-body outfit… we'll never know what it was going to look like, but we will make the natural assumption that it would be a cross between Krystal from Star Fox, and Zero-Suit Samus… aaaand… Jessica Rabbit.


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It's the same arm guards thing she is wearing in all the other pictures in this series. There is one on her other arm but her hair is blocking it. The dots on her body is because originally I was going to have her in a full outfit but laziness kicked in and I just left it as what I did and liked it in the long run.

As for the crystal world, it's an excuse to try coloring methods but there is actually a lore I created with it that the series was originally gonna follow.

Damn! I wouldn't have seen that glove if you hadn't written about that! Seriously! I saw the dots and censors and even the waterfall but not a stupid glove!

Now I wonder what that glove has to mean.

Ah, seems like you missed one.


But yeah, I can understand the convenient censor, but those… dots… something about the crystal world universe Suirano made… something about it is mysterious… and I don't like it.

… not Suirano, though, they're alright, I'd totally give 'em first dibs on any anthro mare that materialized in the real world, no doubt, but… those pasties… and that glove…
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Nice porn images with convenient censors are my favorite, since they occasionally tend to be sexier than without censors. And for employing that, have a cookie.

When you've seen suirano images enough times, it's the odd things that tend to get your attention.

The first 150 times, it's all about dat ass, dem hips, and dose tits.

By the 600th, you're wondering why Rarity's naked except for some pasties and a single elbow-glove… though…

Those are some really weird pasties, admittedly… the dots, I mean, not the convenient censors.