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You huff breathlessly as you struggle through the deepest, rainiest parts of the Everfree Forest, vines snagging and catching your bags and legs while bone-chilling drops of water fell onto your back. You felt pretty scraped up from the tangle with the briar beast after you had ignorantly stumbled into his den in search of shelter; and to top it all off, you stomach was yearning for the brightly colored fruit, but you knew better than to trust anything here. You pushed forward on, hoping to find the perfect slipback herb for your stew. The herb being named so because of how it made any food slip to the back of your throat (because it was just so dang tasty!).

It has been well over five hours; you couldn't tell exactly what time it was, but the sun was glimmering hopelessly into the canopy, trying desperately to penetrate the wicked earth. A large green tower glistened the sun into your eye, catching your attention to it. The spire—as you learn once you get close—is absolutely massive, like a castle to a giant. A large opening leads on to the darkness inside…

The spire looked so much bigger on the inside than it did the outside, and it begged the question of who—or what—was residing within. You look down and realize that the entire structure is made from changeling resin, and you had just intruded on their hive! You looked back to the exit, only to hear a faint buzzing growing louder each second. You turn to see thousands of angry drones headed straight for you…

(Wow. My best work yet. I do believe that this new art app on my phone is going to be my go-to app for a long while! ,, (YouTube helped a bit with lighting ideas.) All by phone.))


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