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suggestive159594 artist:thebrokencog940 adagio dazzle14099 human180240 equestria girls222244 rainbow rocks18981 belly button88730 big breasts95947 breasts315184 busty adagio dazzle1822 cleavage38321 eyeshadow19278 female1500078 gem7207 huge breasts44685 humanized105669 looking at you195981 makeup26792 midriff20628 selfie3650 siren gem2138 smiling296701 solo1181960 solo female195425 stupid sexy adagio dazzle540


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Why would the title be “are you joining me”?
She’s at a window that shows a statue with no other visible landmarks to show where she is. Of COURSE I would, but… it’s not like there’s, like, diner tiles or lockers or something…
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The title is “Are You Joining Me?” I’d join her so hard the one who pulled me out would be rightful king of England.