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Hopefully some slight improvements over the last edit. Definitely no lack of plot in this episode though.
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For me it was just a matter of having been exposed to good looking examples while otherwise browsing other furry porn (a la E621). Given enough time my brain began associating furry porn I liked with all the other pony stuff I was seeing. Eventually this just pulled many of the MLP-centric porn conventions under the umbrella of other furry porn ideas that I liked.

Although, this all just seems like the name of the game when it comes to zoophilic interests. I mean, what drew me into the more bestial/furry side of porn was the shear amount of variety compared to normal human stuff. There were all sorts of variants on penises/vaginas/etc with knots, barbs, hemipenises, cloacas, etc. that it often felt more visually interesting than more standard human-centric porn. Since that was that drive for something different that brought me in contact with MLP stuff, it's not really surprising that I eventually accepted clop as another enjoyable sort of porn.
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Once you realize that finding things attractive is literally just your imagination and has no basis beyond your neurology, a lot of things begin to make sense. Also, what you are attracted to can change. And you won't be able to quantify said change. That's why fetishes don't make sense, even if you have one. Because they literally do not make sense. None do. Even the ones most people have.

It's all just a way to get us to breed, and sometimes that mechanism can can haywire and make you attracted to things that won't help you breed. And that's okay because it's all in your head anyways. As long as what you are attracted to doesn't hurt anyone, it's all good. People cannot help how their neurons are wired. So, even if you don't understand it, realize that your attractions are just as nonsensical and out of your control as everyone elses. You'll never understand another's fetishes until you do.

And believe me, you can gain a fetish you absolutely were convinced you were against before. If I can go from hating anything to do with gayness, to sometimes fapping to throbbing stallion cock, you can go from being disgusted by mare pussy to loving it.

@Background Pony #872C
You're right, it's just semantics. I like the term beastal. It just seems to me that a lot of people like the beastal genitals. I guess I'm trying to understand why. I don't find them offensive, it's far worse than that — I find them incredibly boring and unattractive. They look kind of like a noose. Crotchboobs, on the other hand make me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
Background Pony #D118
That's just the term that people use for animistic vaginas here. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about it, it's just jargon at the end of the day.

The Ponies are already anatomically correct on the show, you simply can't see their genitals because their vaginas are just clefts in the coat. Considering the rest of the Ponies bodies aren't "anatomically correct" as compared to our horses, what makes anyone think their genitals would be? Some people are such…
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Young Leosword
Spike would have a cloaca which wouldn't be too noticeable, but stallions would have sheaths, sacs, and anuses fully visible. Spike's anus too, as I think of it just this second. lol
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@Background Pony #CA64
^This. I actually noticed the moments that were completely skipped over mostly when on the scenes where they were zoomed out. Even with the fairly low resolution, it is easy to tell that no bits were added on. Quality over quantity I suppose. ¯\(ツ)
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@Background Pony #0B40
Honestly, I consider you doing an old style of filming. It's a kind where the people in the show/movie are compleatly naked and that's where it ends. It's not even considered porn, just a style of show production.