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I'll try to upload this at a higher quality sometime later, this is mostly just a proof of concept for the time being. Shitty internet is shitty :\
explicit343663 artist:pone-junk-edits35 edit129575 edited screencap63410 screencap218725 applejack167680 fluttershy209780 pinkie pie213548 rainbow dash230898 rarity179314 twilight sparkle296960 unicorn311849 read it and weep654 anatomically correct23315 animated at source574 announcement173 anus94657 butt53827 casual nudity6492 download at source161 episode38 episode edit3 female1338094 females only12131 mane six31489 nude edit3317 nudity362003 plot77055 ponut42468 twibutt5343 unicorn twilight16625 vector75777 video at source366 vulva124721


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Background Pony #2DD1
can any one explain? im not a fan of MLP but i wanted to see some puss and dicks edited to the episode and i saw none
Background Pony #FB21
Royal Guard: Twilight, I'm going to have to dock you for public indecency.
Background Pony #A0DA
@Background Pony #7B19

@Background Pony #8751
We should distribute these via torrents to avoid bandwidth limits.

This. On top of the initial upload to a filehost, so the first seeders could get it through there and seed to the torrenters.

see @Background Pony #8751

@Background Pony #D726

You must be b8ing, but I'll remind you of something. ahem What is derpibooru? Are you trying to say that this site's non-safe images should be removed from the internet, lest the children, then parents, then Hasbro find it? I can assure you, if the "dark times" (which will vary from person to person) aren't here already, what with all the clop and such, then they're not coming. Is this really what pushes it over the edge to classify it as dark times? I doubt it.
On the other hand (as you mentioned in a later comment), if it's being posted to youtube/dailymotion without any warning or restriction, then there's a problem. Not a massive problem, mind you. But there is one. After all, there's some videos of animal's junk on youtube because it's "funny". (Don't ask me why some think it's funny, I don't have a clue.)

@Background Pony #D726
This is similar to the excuse they gave for getting rid of clop. Read: and educate yourself.
MEGA isn't indexed by google, so anything they have can't be searched by google. Find that file specifically and get back to us with screencaps and links. See above.

@Background Pony #D726
"confused with the real deal on Torrents"
Kids aren't really supposed to be on those sites to begin with, considering the 18+ ads that are usually there. And it's not exactly legal to download episodes either. Also see @Rubez2525

@Rubez2525 @Background Pony #BB0B @Eeveeinheat
Straight from the horse's mouth
0:56, look at the reflection behind Rarity
1:28, Twilight
1:32, AJ and Rarity
2:06, AJ
2:29, AJ again
3:27, AJ one more time
6:25, Daring
7:36, Daring on her back
7:54, Daring turning around
10:46, Daring very briefly while jumping
12:00, Daring riding the steam
14:50, Nurse pone for like 2 frames
18:30, Guard pone coin purse
19:28, Another of Twilight to finish it off

Another quote from the editor:
Alright, I'm going to try to answer some questions and explain a few things. I'm not sure what I would post as proof, so you're just going to have to trust that I'm the creator.
So, in no definite order:

"No crotchtits?"
Correct, and for 2 reasons
First, most of the MLP artstyle is quite basic. A lot of simple lines and such and I'm trying to recreate that.
Second, I'm artistically (lol more like autistically amirite) untalented, even making a basic horse cunt&ponut vector is a challenge for me.

"Why winking Twilight?"
Because I like winking. No other reason. I won't try to excuse it by saying she's "in season" or anything like that, it's just because I personally like it. The reason Twilight's the only one who winked was because she's the only one who has a long standing plot shot at a good distance.

"Low quality/lack of plot-shots"
Yes, perhaps this was a poor episode to choose for the lack of plot shots but I chose this because it would be a good chance to cut my teeth with the editing software that I'm using (Premiere Pro) and because the episode was recommended to me by an anon on Derpi.

I saw a couple comments mention crotchboobs, I will most likely not be editing those in anytime soon due to the extra complications that editing in more pony-bits would bring, that and I'm not very skilled yet.

As for the overall quality of the edit, my only excuse is that I'm a lone college student with less free-time than I'd like using editing software that I'm not completely familiar with. My first edit was a little over a week ago, my total time editing is maybe 15-20 hours. I'm also on a laptop on which Premiere freezes every couple of seconds or occasionally when moving clips.
Background Pony #DDC1
Why you haven't seen it:
1) It was a russian cartoon, extremely popular amongst preschool kids only.
2) Probably it was typical day at C&D army, they haven't notified copyright owners.
3) Event was too quick and random to get any attention (journos have other better things to do than watching kiddie shows)

I will try to get that video just for you, if i'll have time.
Background Pony #48F4
wow i could only find like 4 edited shots. is there a list of all of them?
Soldier Surplus

I have now downloaded this and i watched it and i still see no point to this. The shots that do show something look horribly copy pasted. I maybe can understand why some people like this, but i sure as hell don't… Sorry if I pissed anyone off, but that was my 2 cents