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suggestive132847 alternate version38266 artist:radiantrealm335 coco pommel5688 suri polomare1160 earth pony216639 pony885235 bed37995 belly button71332 blushing182900 bondage31421 cloth gag1363 cocopolo34 female1287629 femdom7567 gag13436 lesbian91958 licking18790 mare440156 navel play196 on back23001 shipping188615 show accurate11788 show accurate porn6216 tickle torture2251 tickling4394 tongue out95227 tummylingus75


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Background Pony #D9B9
this is the story of coco's tickle revenge part 2 about coco keep tickling suri's hooves, armpits, and belly, so she is going to lick her belly to make more ticklish every day
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Ever since the last time she appeared on the show, Suri felt bad for the way she treated Coco, and they made amends. Suri wanted to show that she meant she was sorry ofr her treatment of her, and offered her to do anything to her.

Coco, having a fetish for bondage an tickling, decide to do that to Suri every night. It later became a roleplay session for them, with Coco always tying her up and making sure to exploit everyone of her most ticklish spots until Suri cant take it anymore, but instead of stopping, she makes it even worse.
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Yeah it's an odd term.
In English, it can mean a type of luggage or a linguistic device.
In the original French it means a coat rack.

Language gets pretty weird sometimes. XD