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Forgot to add Lyra to the team. Admins, if you could kindly merge this with the last one, I'd appreciate it.

safe1589295 artist:brisineo323 derpy hooves48460 gummy4867 lyra heartstrings28125 mare do well946 party favor1433 princess cadance30546 rainbow dash220944 shining armor21956 starlight glimmer44357 twilight sparkle284834 oc613080 oc:>rape50 oc:anon11421 oc:fausticorn1504 oc:femanon386 oc:fluffle puff2850 oc:milky way2106 oc:sharpie fume41 oc:tracy cage446 alicorn198160 bat pony43856 bugbear182 earth pony204083 human144152 pegasus244858 pony856395 unicorn271464 /mlp/9292 1st place12 2015605 3rd place1 3rd place trophy1 4chan6277 4chan cup399 4chan cup scarf86 >rape268 bandana4789 bedroom eyes52470 champions12 clothes414462 costume25022 dan510 dan vs544 dead space309 female933506 flying34685 frown21836 glare8077 grin33421 gritted teeth10446 group picture42 gummy the deep thinker47 halo1492 hoers mask277 horse head33 horsefucker11 invisible121 irrational exuberance609 isaac clarke44 issac clarke6 jackie chan tulpa14 lauren faust1721 logo3339 lyra plushie257 m.a. larson594 male310428 mare421216 medal510 meghan mccarthy576 missing accessory7508 missing body part23 open mouth125009 plothole plush lyra139 raised hoof39903 safest hooves84 salt149 salt flats6 salty40 scarf21278 smiling218524 smirk11091 smug5183 spread wings48396 stallion94324 storm712 stormy20 summer1171 summer cup2 team64 team photo1 the burdened61 trophy663 tulpa185 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116251 victory130 wall of tags2423 wide eyes16287


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