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It happend again tonight. It has been five hours since the the sun disappeard behind the rim of the World. I was doing some late-time studies and wanted to continue my attemped on a Star-map, as i heard soft steps going down the the hall. I turnd towards the door and as it opend i saw Adagio standing there, shaking as if she were cold, but I already knew what happend. Tears streaming down her face and eyes tainted red.  
There was no doubt Adagio had one of her Nightmares again. She had those from time to time, at those time she came to me. “P…papa… I had…. had… a bad dream again!”, she stutterd, speech broken up, “can i sleep in your room tonight?” It was sad that, nights like this were the only times… when she would call me that.
Excerpt from: Starswirls lost Diary
safe1752400 artist:westphalianartist40 adagio dazzle13285 star swirl the bearded2050 equestria girls207465 rainbow rocks18545 alternate clothes1715 backstory154 beard3804 bells388 boots22954 cape10749 child2006 clothes476595 crying44884 father and daughter2690 foster dad3 foster father4 glowing4714 headcanon2372 holding3383 hug29163 humanized101992 light1546 lighting401 magic75482 magic aura4668 magician285 moon24129 sad25091 scared10776 socks68633 wizard657 young1645 younger17781


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