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suggestive193562 artist:uotapo1115 idw21493 applejack203496 fluttershy262747 pinkie pie259857 rainbow dash284325 rarity220672 twilight sparkle363097 alicorn322867 bat2776 bat pony76913 jiangshi49 vampire5966 equestria girls260549 g42066026 night of the living apples123 spoiler:comic13391 spoiler:comic3391 apple21687 applebat171 bedroom eyes84336 breasts401224 busty fluttershy24557 busty rarity18018 cape14873 cleavage47934 clothes651064 cute271325 dress63782 eyelashes28290 fangs41526 female1845499 females only17217 flutterbat8686 frown37107 glare9108 glowing eyes15691 gritted teeth19920 humane five5905 humane six5386 long hair9255 looking at you268467 nom3578 open mouth245902 pants23191 pinkiebat217 race swap22366 rainbowbat247 raribat209 red eyes12382 red underwear1561 shyabates414 shyabetes19672 signature46382 smiling411496 tongue out151153 twibat246 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151633 underwear80632 uotapo is trying to murder us192 vampirella42 whip2131


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I’m confused. Are jiangshi zombies or vampires? Cause in Rosario + Vampire and Darkstalkers, they are officially zombies, while in Jackie Chan Adventures, they are vampires.
(looks it up)
Okay, they are absorb life force, but are basically a extra magical zombie. Zombie or vampire are both used as just an extremely vague descriptor.
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Right About Everything
Did anyone else note how Applejack became super freckly as a vampire? Her three dots on each cheek expanded to almost her entire face, and. it. was. adorable :D

Since you need to invite a vampire into yourself before they can enter, I definitely invite Rainbow Dash in.
That is called the “Embrace” she sucks all your blood and then she gives you ona drop of her blood and she became your Sire and you became a Vampire of the same clan.

Last time i sae uotapo’s flutterbat it was probably the most hottest/cutest thing iv’e seen. now im seeing rainbow dash and she seems to be beating her at her own game!
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Pinkie is a Chinese vampire  
Twilight is a pretty traditional Dracula type, cute  
Flutterbat is great as usual  
Rainbow… has a bit more skin than I thought  
Appledrac has a… whip? Castlevania much?  
Rarity… nose bleeds oh damn

Let’s stick to Camarilla, should we?  
Pinkie is indeed Malcav’s daughter, Twilight is Tremere (mages’ clan, seeking for knowledge and theurgical practices), Dash is Brujah (free soul and rebel), Fluttershy is indeed Gangrel (animal affinity), Rarity can be Toreador (humane artists) but have some traces of Ventrue (aristocratic snobs), but what about AJ? She’s certainly not Nosferatu or Toreador or Ventrue. Let’s say she’s just another Brujah but more level-headed like infamous Smiling Jack (hey, it even suits now!)

Now we need a Vampire Masquerade version.
Pinkie as a Malkavian  
Twilight as Giovanni  
Fluttershy as Gangrel  
Dash as Lasombra? I dont really now here, what clan should be dash  
Applejack as Tremere  
And Rarity as a Toreador is too easy so she should be a Nosferatu just for the gigles.