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Look who showed up in the comic.
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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Welcome back, Minty, you were greatly missed.
…gotta wonder if she can handle being in this crazier Ponyville, though.
Background Pony #996D
Okay, I remember pony from Double Rainboom comic- but I still think the “PNN” cutie mark is ridiculous.
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Marian is a character from the Granny Smith/Flim&Flam FF issue. She is a mare that the brothers both fell in love on first sight with, and led to them temporary not speaking to the other when she rejected both of their dating offers.
That, in turn, is a reference to the character Marian the librarian from the Music Man that serves the same plot purpose there (driving a wedge between that musical’s lead characters), and of course the inspiration for F&F to begin with.