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@And Brother I Hurt People
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I really love the bodies; it's a really interesting take on anthro. The heads? The heads are repelling.

But evidently, 75 users disagree with me on that front.

I don't understand how he makes decently okay bodies but the heads NEVER match… detailed bodies… (especially on humanized ones) then plain/round heads that are sometimes way too small for the body. Looks suspicious tbh.
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The guy already said he uses the circle tool to make the heads. So yes, of course it's not going to appeal to a lot of people. I don't like it either. Tennis ball heads are a no go for me and the artist is extremely full of himself and gets defensive if you even ask why the have completely round heads.
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This art style has always really bothered me. I've never enjoyed it.

But they are a decently good artist. :)