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safe (1503044) artist:mauroz (488) rarity (163704) spike (71503) sweetie belle (45358) twilight sparkle (272409) human (137423) clothes (382375) dress (37083) eyes closed (73796) female (827318) hug (23964) humanized (90934) male (282291) my little pony logo (3259) plushie (20737) shipping (174616) smiling (197707) spikebelle (662) straight (115483) sweatdrop (2053)


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15 comments posted

Conspiracy maker
Twilight's face is kinda scary to me. It looks like she likes this… too much. Like bad touch level want.
Background Pony #CA35
Sweetie Belle: "Thanks for the great time, Spike!" (hugs)
Spike: "The things I do for love."
Twilight Sparkle: "Aww, aren't they cute, Rarity?"
Rarity: (gritted teeth) "Yes, they most certainly are."