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safe1636738 artist:uotapo912 cup cake3943 fleetfoot2073 lotus blossom2674 minuette5620 photo finish2555 rainbow dash226280 soarin'13621 sonata dusk13052 trixie64904 violet blurr363 equestria girls190747 rainbow rocks17868 :o3561 alternate hairstyle26256 blue1192 blushing186032 bracelet8554 cavity1 clothes434487 color set3 cute189231 cute cake50 dashabetes8630 diafleetes65 dialogue61934 diatrixes3002 dress42112 drinking3233 equestria girls-ified9049 evening gloves7948 eyes closed85973 female1302720 food65795 frown22074 glasses58118 gloves18692 hot sauce111 jewelry56955 loose hair1747 lotusbetes17 male350217 minubetes219 necklace16847 nervous5380 open mouth132981 pearl necklace1101 photaww finish25 pie3167 pizza1825 plate1612 ponytail16707 prank1394 rainbow dash always dresses in style1584 raised eyebrow6361 smurfs72 soarinbetes189 sonatabetes1092 suit5450 sunglasses13676 sweat24677 tabasco14 that pony sure does love pies368 tooth179 uotapo is trying to murder us171


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Blue Mare Group. (And yeah, Luna should be here. But it's awesome, and the kids wouldn't be as free to cut up with the vice principal at the table.)
Background Pony #F92C
No Luna? I'm disappointed. Especially since she is totally blue in EG too.
Dazzled Witch Hat
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Makes sense in October
Sorry, Sonata, but if you're surrounded by the blue girls, Adagio is probably in a similar situation with the yellows, which includes Fluttershy, Sunset, and Applejack at the least. Then Aria has two different Twilights to deal with.

Good luck, kiddo. ;