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Update of >>670906

Absurdly long artist's comment wouldn't fit here. It's in the comments
safe1601087 artist:kianamai1020 apple bloom47136 applejack161350 big macintosh26899 button mash3830 caramel2363 cheerilee9483 cheese sandwich3703 cloudchaser3730 discord29197 fancypants1805 flash sentry12049 fleur-de-lis3339 fluttershy201432 pinkie pie206016 pipsqueak2743 pokey pierce1294 princess cadance30791 princess celestia90509 princess luna94870 rainbow dash222534 rarity172516 rumble3796 scootaloo49328 shining armor21894 soarin'13392 spike75126 sweetie belle46955 thunderlane3819 trixie63457 twilight sparkle286200 oc617097 oc:amber lily121 oc:anthea152 oc:api apple39 oc:arrow head5 oc:azalea21 oc:berry vine5 oc:candle wick17 oc:cloudy skies47 oc:cotton candy352 oc:creme-de-la-creme41 oc:crystal clarity231 oc:day dream12 oc:dove (kianamai)41 oc:echo (kilala)26 oc:epic parody18 oc:flashpoint29 oc:fletcher31 oc:fortune hunter4 oc:freyja77 oc:golden delicious146 oc:herb5 oc:hot head65 oc:icy storm37 oc:isis quartz8 oc:lucky star58 oc:mint leaf92 oc:night light jr37 oc:pixel bit73 oc:prince illusion108 oc:princess nidra104 oc:prism bolt169 oc:prophet5 oc:red june50 oc:starburst346 oc:sugar rush198 oc:supernova41 oc:synnøve2 oc:truls2 oc:turquoise blitz159 oc:valiant heart67 oc:whirlwind114 alicorn202828 bat pony43940 dracony5896 hybrid15825 pony869828 kilalaverse995 absurd resolution63929 adopted offspring950 adventure in the comments1236 alicorn oc23178 canon x oc22508 carajack393 chart832 cheerimac787 cutie mark crusaders18211 dislestia1418 family tree302 fancyfleur179 female1273596 flashlight2582 headcanon2131 interspecies offspring6323 male338749 mama twilight1087 mane seven6088 mane six30140 next generation5769 offspring34705 parent:apple bloom629 parent:applejack3406 parent:big macintosh2723 parent:button mash283 parent:caramel723 parent:cheerilee371 parent:cheese sandwich1618 parent:cloudchaser131 parent:discord2838 parent:fancypants729 parent:flash sentry2694 parent:fleur-de-lis313 parent:fluttershy4212 parent:oc:azalea134 parent:oc:berry vine134 parent:oc:candle wick61 parent:oc:day dream42 parent:oc:flashpoint61 parent:oc:fortune hunter42 parent:oc:herb115 parent:oc:isis quartz115 parent:oc:supernova104 parent:pinkie pie3647 parent:pipsqueak249 parent:pokey pierce454 parent:princess cadance1413 parent:princess celestia1891 parent:princess luna1977 parent:rainbow dash5036 parent:rarity3661 parent:rumble256 parent:scootaloo711 parent:shining armor1227 parent:soarin'2214 parent:spike2011 parent:sweetie belle525 parent:thunderlane515 parent:trixie1687 parent:twilight sparkle7516 parent:unnamed oc361 parents:canon x oc1589 parents:carajack675 parents:cheerimac261 parents:dislestia843 parents:fancyfleur178 parents:flashlight2323 parents:oc x oc1182 parents:pipbloom114 parents:pokeypie414 parents:rumbloo176 parents:shiningcadance857 parents:soarindash1672 parents:sparity1269 parents:sweetiemash250 parents:thunderchaser79 pipbloom47 pokeypie273 rumbloo465 shiningcadance2388 shipping186337 shipping chart134 soarindash4620 sparity6322 straight126276 sweetiemash568 thunderchaser194 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117339 wall of tags2596


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129 comments posted
Background Pony #7CDF
@The Frowning Pony
Have you tried using filters? It helps prevent the ass damage you seem to be experiencing.

You could try also try this alternative treatment called "Not being a Huge Cunt®", though I understand that may be difficult to acquire for you.

Background Pony #09FD
(*notices family tree with dead parents and child) …well shit, that's unnerving…

Are you serious?

Every time I see a chain of comments about Skyla in one image thread or another I read the key following:
>Daughter of Shining and Candace
>Toys give away hints for following seasons.

You know what, I'm going to stop taking in people's comments as reliable source and do my own research for know on.

The Princess Skyla toy from some time ago. In the description for said toy indicates that Skyla is the daughter of Shining and Candace.

Did I mention that Skyla is a Alicorn by birth?
Background Pony #EF8E
I doubt any single of them will feature in G5. Even the firm CheerieMac and FlashLight seems to be sinking in recent months. And the only canon offspring of Cadance and Shining is not even a boy.
Artist -

EqG fan + Love Liver
Oh boo hoo hoo. You're just as bad as those Tumblrites, who are easily offended. If you don't like it, filter the artist or this kind of chart.

I have nearly nothing that offends me, so I don't filter anything.