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To help better explain both sides, those who find it funny usually find it funny because it’s simply unexpected, but more often because they were not alive to witness it, or too young to witness it. Those who find it unfunny very likely were personally effected, or were alive at the time and saw the event on TV.
My take on it? Dark humor is dark humor; it’s not for everyone. You’ll find plenty of people who joke about Hitler yet just as many people who will not laugh and hate it. In my opinion, this is funny, but also disrespectful. But that’s dark humor for you.

Hi! The creator of the GIF here.
Wow, more than 200 comments! I didn’t read them all. But I saw a few threats, so I just wanted to let you know who to target.
Also: Why does it have more upvotes than downvotes? This looked very different right after it was uploaded.
And for the source: It was first uploaded to iambrony.com in full resolution. But there is only the even smaller version left. I would have added the bigger version here, but it didn’t work because of the file size restriction.
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Too soon? It’s been 15 years, I certainly don’t think it’s too soon.

Pictures like these are to reveal the rational human beings from the overdramatic-“I got ptsd from tumblr”-types who have no idea how big the world actually is, and how insignificant 9/11 was for both America and especially the rest of the world.
Oh please, do explain how 9/11 was “insignificant” to America. This ought to be a hilarious revisionist history lesson, considering that America is still suffering from both economic fallout (the resulting war added trillions in debt that have yet to be repaid) and political fallout (the Patriot Act, i.e. the single largest violation of rights and privacy in decades) from 9/11 even now, a full 14 years later.
Do people milk 9/11 way too much? Yeah, it’s kinda dumb to still be whining about how it’s “too soon” to crack jokes a full 14 years later. But suggesting that it was “insignificant” in modern history is honestly just as ridiculous. In terms of world events, 9/11 is essentially the modern day Pearl Harbor in terms of how it’s changed the political and social landscape of the US. Right down to the blatant sparks of racism that it stirred up. Only this time, the US is irrationally fearful of Muslims instead of the Japanese.
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[screams in German]
Nah, that means you’ve accepted it and when you die, you’ll meet them in heaven and they’ll all probably laugh with you about their deaths.
At least, that’s what I wish for when I die.  
I don’t want anyone to cry at my funeral.
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Been around the block
I lost 9 family members on that day; six in the north tower, three in the south…..
yet I still laughed when I saw this….
Yup, this confirms it - I’m definitely going to hell.