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safe1945654 artist:skykain80 applejack186347 rainbow dash257153 earth pony350502 pegasus394875 anthro309843 adorasexy11224 apron5087 blush sticker3219 blushing234667 bow36739 breasts335920 choker16959 clothes549487 collar40612 cuffs (clothes)1386 cute231853 dashabetes10804 dress52849 drink6353 duo107040 embarrassed13380 female1578995 jackabetes7064 maid6905 maidjack45 rainbow maid170 sexy36717 smiling323438 socks80146 striped socks24834 thumbs up1214 waitress944 zettai ryouiki2087


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@Background Pony #2DEB  
Even with the bet rainbow dash had to make against applejack when the few wonder even maid outfits was to be just a corset and thigh high stockings when of the bet rainbow dash was to carry a tray of sparkle juice with her lady bits for patrons of a cafe for everyone to see.
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