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larger and better optimized version of this section
safe1586409 artist:pikapetey489 king sombra12808 pony856577 unicorn273866 :33937 a heart for sweetie belle11 animated92884 bedroom eyes53196 blushing177820 cargo ship511 clothes414637 curved horn5926 cute181226 eyes on the prize4991 frame by frame3677 king sombra does love stairs6 loop4913 male326247 petting1682 ponies the anthology v64 shipping184542 shirt21689 sitting55838 smiling218152 solo982441 sombradorable333 stairs1528 stallion94362 that pony sure does love stairs31


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Downvote Addict
"larger and better optimized version of this section"
266KB to 2710KB. I know it's bigger and all, but this is still full of redundant frames. And I think more care should have been taken to keep his horn gradient colours intact.

But after hours of trying to improve it myself, I totally failed. I can barely even open the file before my PC crashes from memory loss. So I concede to you… For now.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Young Leosword
The only thing I hate more than stairs is vampires, eh?
—What? It isn't groovy. :C
Background Pony #A8B3
I find it hilarious that this gif has more likes and faves than the others.