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safe (1413255)artist:pikapetey (490)king sombra (11592):3 (3456)a heart for sweetie belle (11)animated (83920)bedroom eyes (43807)blushing (151731)cargo ship (490)clothes (350569)curved horn (4555)cute (145370)eyes on the prize (4198)loop (4144)petting (1466)ponies the anthology v (63)shipping (162096)shirt (16877)sitting (45415)smiling (180276)solo (866871)stairs (1218)that pony sure does love stairs (25)


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Downvote Addict
"larger and better optimized version of this section"
266KB to 2710KB. I know it’s bigger and all, but this is still full of redundant frames. And I think more care should have been taken to keep his horn gradient colours intact.

But after hours of trying to improve it myself, I totally failed. I can barely even open the file before my PC crashes from memory loss. So I concede to you… For now.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Young Leosword
The only thing I hate more than stairs is vampires, eh?
—What? It isn’t groovy. :C
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