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safe1658827 artist:glenbw9 applejack165930 derpy hooves49397 fleur-de-lis3520 fluttershy207545 hoity toity969 photo finish2569 pinkie pie211500 rainbow dash228456 rarity177551 sapphire shores987 spike77256 twilight sparkle294184 earth pony231532 pegasus273378 pony922948 unicorn304042 clothes442384 detailed752 dress42880 featured image846 female1321739 gala dress4490 hat83208 high res24777 male357292 mane seven6327 mane six31137 mare458391 mosaic114 shipping194045 sparity6491 stained glass1162 straight131871 technically advanced100 unicorn twilight16035


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L. Cully

This is what her stained-glass window looks like in her mind when she becomes a princess (minus wings and an aged-up Spike… and a fire ruby instead of a diamond)

10,000 hours in stained-glass shop!