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Heres a gift to everyone who has joined me during the time i began making these to now : P
A complete set with from the Past and Present Series, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Spike, Zecora, Trixie, Cheerilee, Big Macintosh, Daring-Do, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and introducing a new sprite of Princess Cadance. WAIT…Derpy why in the princess slot?
Derpy Derps a lot : P
I Hope you guys enjoy the sprites set.
It was fun showing it to everyone and of course making it.
I hope everyone has an awesome day.
To a brighter future for everyone :]

All the ponies above this description (C) MLP Series/Hasbro
Sprites (C) ~Blaze33193
Derpy © Derpy Hooves….I Just realized.. theres someone missing.. NAH ILL SAVE IT FOR NEXT TIME. : P
safe1691497 artist:blaze331931 artist:kevfin46 apple bloom49097 applejack168647 big macintosh28080 cheerilee9920 daring do6377 derpy hooves49913 fluttershy211131 pinkie pie214819 princess cadance32508 princess celestia94378 princess luna98532 rainbow dash232324 rarity180523 scootaloo51024 spike78374 sweetie belle48740 trixie66951 twilight sparkle298677 zecora9297 earth pony243104 pony953198 zebra17504 cutie mark crusaders18919 female1349406 filly65635 filly applejack573 filly fluttershy700 filly pinkie pie399 filly rainbow dash1258 filly rarity430 filly twilight sparkle2727 male367732 mane seven6471 mane six31708 pixel art10402 simple background388344 stallion106822 transparent background200166 younger17235


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Background Pony #EB04
Y'know — every time I see that pose of Trixie's I cannot help but think of the Karate Kid movie.