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safe1658827 artist:muslipepito7 princess celestia93107 twilight sparkle294184 alicorn215243 pony922948 crying42163 eyes closed88351 featured image846 female1321739 floppy ears49908 frown22255 high res24777 hug27227 lesbian94068 long neck1000 mare458391 nuzzling3857 open mouth137355 shipping194045 twilestia2507 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121082 winghug2789


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I exist, probably.
Black Fox, from the artist; "Since the school administration office succeed in placing 4h of philosophy without a break in my schedule, my brain developed a technique of self-defense against boredom: draw twilestia everywhere!!! So here is a lazily colored sketch"

Key word, Twilestia.
Background Pony #3BD3
Here you go