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Writer of Noir
Moondancer knew that sneaking around in things that were not their concern was a bad idea. She repeatedly told her friends that spying on the mysterious stallion was going to get them in trouble.

Though, to be fair, she had been taken in by the stranger, by his odd habits of going in and out of his house and strange times, of his meetings with strange ponies. When Lemon Hearts stated that she recognized one of his visitors as a wanted criminal, the friends had decided to investigate further.

Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine had come up with a plan to sneak into his house to see if there was anything of interest within. They had left three hours ago, and Moondancer had not seen them since. She knew that she should probably seek a Royal Guard for help, but a dissenting voice in her head had warned her that since they had been committing breaking and entering, that would only get them in trouble.

So, she had gathered up her reserves of courage and snuck out into the night. The stranger's house was dark and silent, the shades of every window drawn. Tiphoofing around to the back, she saw that the back door was unlocked and open slightly. An invitation, or a lure?

Either way, she had to find her friends. The door's hinges squeaked as she opened them and snuck inside. "Girls?" she called out as loudly as she dared. The only answer was the floorboards creaking beneath her hooves and the ticking of a grandfather clock.

Then she heard faint noises coming from a room to her left. She opened the door and gasped in shock.

Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts and Minuette were all laying inside the room, each of them tightly bound and gagged. Their eyes widened when they saw Moondancer, and they started trying to mumble frantically through their gags, squirming against their bonds.

"Hold on, girls!" Moondancer called, rushing forward. "I'll get you out—"

Suddenly, a strong set of forelegs seized Moondancer from behind and a hoof clapped over her mouth. Too late, she realized that her friends weren't calling to her for help.

They were trying to warn her.
Background Pony #710B
I don't know what you mean with just poofing it away. Magic aint real so there's not any universal rules for it really and in this show it's seen and even said that normal unicorns only have a little magic power.

What I meant is the telekinesis that all unicorns seem to have and use it to grab things. Still they need to know the technique and have enough strengt left to open to knots and that's why I though it would make sense to have a pony that is really good at making knots to trap them.

Okay, knot pony will become my OC as soon as I learn to draw. :B
Background Pony #710B


Or maybe whoever did this is really good at making knots and thus also has a knot as their cutie mark.
I've often come across knots I can't untie with my both hands in use.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2017) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

Unsheathes katana and tips fedora

Fear not fair maidens! I shall find the villian that had abducted thee, and bring him to justice. Forsooth!

Or I'd just remove their gags and untie them, if I was a sane person D: