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suggestive148421 artist:anibaruthecat979 apple bloom50971 cheerilee10136 diamond tiara10404 dinky hooves4413 ruby pinch1359 scootaloo51917 silver spoon6647 snails5364 snips4253 twist2900 oc712050 donkey1946 griffon27999 zebra18370 anthro269614 unguligrade anthro50256 comic:gang bangerz14 apple16755 attack309 badass3308 bag of apples4 ball busting316 belly button81323 bra16506 breasts288754 broom1762 buy some apples134 cameltoe8795 clothes476126 comic111481 dialogue67958 dock52085 dress46072 epic1374 foalcon18457 frilly underwear4504 globe324 grayscale39246 groin attack121 heart50044 heart print underwear585 humiliation2213 justice132 karma247 magic75395 monochrome152342 panties51509 rescue281 shorts14549 skirt41091 sound effects2257 sunglasses15051 tanktop8071 torn clothes5067 underwear62518 upskirt6044 violence614


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Go ahead, kids. Teach those fuckers a painful lesson until the Royal Guard show up!
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I know this page was scripted, drawn, and posted well before "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" aired, but looking back, I can't help but feel like Diamond Tiara was thinking of her mother when she brought that globe down.
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I really want a future SBR Stand to be named Baby O, who will have the appearance of a shirtless werewolf and tosses sparkles that do… Something some other unanimously hated pop culture facet does. XD
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I don't watch them either, because I'm not a bloody pervert like the people who put those on.

Yeah, I agree. Especially parents who enlist their daughters in beauty pageants and then complain when predators come after them. Those people need to be shot.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
You're not alone on that. Child beauty pageants only make sense if they're put on for pedos and the egos of the parents. They only exist for terrible reasons.

It's easy. When the announcer says "Now it's time for the swimsuit competition", stand up, yell "everyone gets a five" and leave.