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"So I noticed something in a way I draw Chryssi that is a bit different from other artists. And then this idea came to mind."
safe1709297 artist:underpable865 princess cadance32510 princess celestia95133 princess luna99222 queen chrysalis34838 alicorn225001 changeling47780 donkey1869 pony970417 blushing198118 crying43653 cute200231 cutealis2151 ears496 embarrassed11410 fangs25432 floppy ears52431 lidded eyes30804 looking back57586 reformed298 royal sisters4455 sad24552 simple background394438 tongue out104227 underpable is trying to murder us37 wavy mouth3698


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Background Pony #9683
but changeling queens are all cute

Come 'ear. You just need more Love, yer maj. (Hugs)


…and Chryssie's mane becomes fabulous too. A quick burst of Affection boosts any girl's day. <3

@Mr. Bait

"but Luna is the one that’s being an ass."

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Young Leosword
I like big ears and I cannot lie
You other mothers can't deny
That when a mare walks in with an itty, bitty flank
And those round things in your face
You get

(Yes, the unicorn kind. X3 )

Cadance looks shocked and appalled by what Luna said. I know that they might be enemies, but even she can't stand seeing Chrysalis so sad.

Bad, bad Luna.