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safe1681664 artist:missangest65 king sombra13641 nightmare moon16716 queen chrysalis34364 alicorn219741 changeling46256 changeling queen15743 unicorn312992 absurd resolution65566 adoption195 antagonist1583 basket3015 chibi14172 chrysombramoon7 chwisalis3 colt14610 colt sombra96 cute196118 cutealis2133 dark magic2682 english930 eye contact6425 fangs24603 female1340811 filly65044 horn62858 leaning3511 looking at you164063 looking back55780 magic71998 male364446 moonabetes301 mouth hold17101 nightmare woon373 nom3033 sign3924 smiling241550 sombra eyes3435 sombradorable337 tail bite626 younger17089


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Background Pony #8AD0
people actually see this as adorable? I want to kill them in a fire, Burn the evil! BURN IT!

These are the bad guys people, they are not adorable :P