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safe1658827 artist:underpable850 princess cadance31980 queen chrysalis34002 alicorn215243 changeling45126 pony922948 character to character517 clone2264 disguise4525 disguised changeling2526 epic1356 eye contact6338 fake cadance732 featured image846 fire11044 floppy ears49908 frown22255 glowing eyes10737 gradient background11895 gritted teeth11531 horns are touching665 horrified606 messy mane7532 transformation10273 twinning120 wallpaper18358 wide eyes16647


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Background Pony #AA5F
Is this a reference to "Confrontation" from the Jekyll and Hyde musical?

"I am you! You are hyde!"
Background Pony #A111
Actually, Anthony Warlow's concept recording was made years before the production hit Broadway. Due to extensive rewrites and lyric changes, he passed on the opportunity to play the role of Jekyll/Hyde and it went to Robert Cuccioli.