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People imitate celebrity hairstyles in real life, why not Equestria?
safe1614251 artist:cheezedoodle96822 derpy hooves48616 lemon hearts2006 lyra heartstrings28397 minuette5532 moondancer4561 sunset shimmer58851 trixie63950 twilight sparkle288103 twinkleshine2082 pegasus256796 pony881780 unicorn284687 .svg available7826 :d1042 :i1466 :p7750 adorableshine46 alternate hairstyle25651 bangs280 bedroom eyes54734 c:1163 canterlot six64 counterparts862 cute186024 dancerbetes364 duckface1046 eyes closed83975 fake horn604 female1284939 frown21821 glare8052 glasses56705 glowstick686 grin34567 gritted teeth10834 happy28781 hilarious in hindsight3075 hime cut25 lemonbetes42 lidded eyes28187 looking at you152319 lyrabetes1255 magical quartet141 magical trio441 mare438968 minubetes213 pose5188 raised eyebrow6309 simple background360611 smiling224255 smirk11549 squee1932 svg3338 the brady bunch11 the twily bunch1 toilet paper roll170 toilet paper roll horn72 tongue out94855 twilight's counterparts885 unicorn master race143 vector72566 wall of tags2647 weapons-grade cute3368


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50 comments posted

He's a story of a lovely pony
Who was friending up five very lovely mares
They have hearts of gold
Strong as horses
The pink one can break rhymes.

Here's a story of a mare named Twily
Who was busy hitting textbooks all day long
Along with Spike,
They were living both together
Yet they were all alone.

Till the one day that this pony became a princess
And she knew it's gonna be more than a hunch
That this herd would somehow copy her manestyle
That's the way they all became the Twily Bunch

The Twily Bunch
The Twily Bunch