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People imitate celebrity hairstyles in real life, why not Equestria?

safe2175035 artist:cheezedoodle961125 derpy hooves57517 lemon hearts2574 lyra heartstrings34105 minuette6859 moondancer6091 sunset shimmer79181 trixie79545 twilight sparkle357896 twinkleshine2704 alicorn314328 pegasus496798 pony1603180 unicorn538287 g42029983 .svg available10723 :d1859 :i1912 :p14399 adorableshine72 alternate hairstyle37953 bangs648 bedroom eyes82171 c:1368 canterlot six73 counterparts934 cute265865 dancerbetes471 duckface1243 ember's worst nightmare11 eyes closed139064 fake horn1191 female1803491 frown36144 glare9054 glasses88744 glowstick936 grin63017 gritted teeth19424 happy44535 high res407853 hilarious in hindsight3830 hime cut51 hooves on cheeks459 instagram800 lemonbetes80 lidded eyes48056 looking at you259478 lyrabetes1764 magical quartet148 magical trio493 mare741500 minubetes342 pose8582 raised eyebrow9906 simple background596610 smiling397681 smirk18169 squee2130 svg5254 the brady bunch13 the twily bunch1 toilet paper roll226 toilet paper roll horn100 tongue out147238 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149208 twilight's counterparts924 unicorn master race166 vector89913 wall of tags6656 weapons-grade cute4660


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