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safe (1522988) artist:pixelkitties (1160) derpy hooves (47363) doctor whooves (9872) fluttershy (192578) minuette (5236) octavia melody (21813) pinkie pie (198496) rainbow dash (213819) roseluck (4538) starlight glimmer (41357) tank (2532) time turner (9858) twilight sparkle (274338) earth pony (179506) pegasus (221462) pony (797626) robot (6650) robot pony (2949) unicorn (243133) bronycon (1628) 3d glasses (218) ccg (1198) celery (54) clock (1558) clothes (387746) cyberbelle (3) cybermen (88) enterplay (1108) equestrian odysseys (75) female (847215) fez (506) filly (56683) foal (14235) fob watch (16) hat (72213) hooves (15789) horn (36063) male (288513) mare (387416) merchandise (3767) scarf (20227) solo (937335) stallion (86219) sweetie bot (1265) teeth (7202) weeping angel (128) when you see it (563) wubcart (52)


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14 comments posted
Background Pony #761C
I'm surprised no one's rioting over the whole "Dr. Whooves" thing. 3 years ago, I was literally forced to spell out Doctor every time I referred to DW in front of my Whovian friends.
Background Pony #6FDB
I kinda hope they do a card for Cyberbelle, since my sister's a big fan, and it'd be great to make a deck themed around her.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

They better not repeate what happen last year and run out of mats but still have promo cards, but they will not give out the promo cards without the mat.

I'll be there! :D

See you there!
Background Human
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CHS, Class of 20XX
I should be freaking out over Sweetie Bot and Starlight Glimmer, but what my eye's really drawn to here is the frame redesign. I assume it's mostly for legibility's sake, like Magic's Eighth Edition frame: black text on a light background is generally easier on the eyes than white text on a dark background, especially when the background isn't all that dark. But it also gives them a chance to make things more consistent across card types. As it stands, only Events have black text in their name, only Events and Resources have it on their trait line, and only Events and Troublemakers don't have it in their text box. (Event cards are oddballs.)