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Parcly Taxel: Inkscape (and in particular the nightly build territories) by default adds much redundant data in its output, so I wrote a program to cut out all this clutter called Rarify. That misspelling, of course, points to Rarity as its mascot… a genie who can simplify complicated, noisy dresses to their intimate essence. Her lower mane is pulled around her mist and eventually takes over it before fractionating in the two-component bottle, settling alongside the tail in the sensitive upper diamond while the rest of her body fills the base beneath. Note that the sections and mouth are disconnected; mist travels through them by portal nozzles at each part’s cusps.

(This is for you, Liam)


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Parcly Taxel
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Princess of Science
@CobaltTheMadMage The third eyes on my ponies pun on "mind’s eye"; this is an eye a brain has materialised to see independently of its host. The personality lies within the brain, not the eye, as the brains can leave their hosts and float around as independent beings. Despite this I often refer to the brains as third eyes since that is their distinctive feature.

Depending on their host, third eyes can see things normal ponies can’t, e.g. Parcly’s (Key Sync) can see the chemical structure of anything that might be in front of her as well as perform very complex calculations without feeling tired. In essence a third eye per se is a representation of the rational part of a pony – the soul is the emotional part – and the pattern within its pupil (a hexagon for Key Sync) is akin to a cutie mark but also hints at the host pony’s philosophies. Like the corresponding chakra on the forehead, in other words, but secularised.
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And not the angry kind
Third eyes on brains, dullahans, genies, dullahan genies, dullahan genies with eyes on their brains, now genie programs? Has Parclytaxel ever written any sort of guide to her version of Equestria because it has me confused now.
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