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safe1658675 artist:zippysqrl405 bon bon16058 lyra heartstrings28965 sweetie drops16058 do princesses dream of magic sheep1142 conjoined828 eyes closed88339 female1321619 fusion4990 it begins252 kissing23823 lesbian94056 lyrabon3242 lyrabon (fusion)195 pillow17108 pushmi-pullyu120 shipping194024 together forever177 we have become one583


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Oh the humanity
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

"Wait…No genitals."
"We didn't think this through."

I like to imagine that the shared neural system would give each of them direct access to the …relevant… areas of the other half's brain.

This is adorable.

They would look just like any other couple if there were a blanket covering them. Nopony would even know the difference.

@Philosopher Stone
But without the lower part you can't… oh well if kissing is enough for them so be it.

That was the first thought in my head as well. They may be pissed to find out kissing is as far as it can go.