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safe1597183 artist:uotapo892 pinkie pie205650 rainbow dash222130 sunset shimmer58086 equestria girls184650 alternate costumes1471 basketball472 beautiful4984 boots19404 clothes418535 colored pupils8802 converse5209 cute183040 female1270498 flat cap76 hat78121 high heel boots4923 jacket11120 looking at you149266 newsboy hat29 pinkie being pinkie1093 pinkie physics407 pretty709 shimmerbetes4021 shoes31443 shorts12678 sitting56427 skirt36471 slam dunk20 smiling220470 socks58307 solo focus15459 sweater13306 tanktop6999 uotapo is trying to murder us165 when she smiles963


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It's all a trick! You'll see!

She'll be all sweet and cutesy, and then BAM! you'll be invading some weird technicolor wonderland populated with adorable brightly coloured ponies and bringing under her iron heel!

I suspect quite a few people wouldn't mind being under Sunset's heel in particular, though.


Gah, I hate when you try to save someone and it's one of those, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink," type situations.
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I can imagine some of the students going, "Wow, she looks really, really goo-No! She tried to brainwash me! This is probably, like, another trick!"


"But that smile…"