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Let the Power Harmony Take Form! Come Forth Harmony Arms!  
Magic Scepter!  
Honesty Lasso!  
Generosity Sword!  
Kindness Baton!  
Laughter Music!  
Loyalty Spear!
safe1975024 artist:pokecure123123 fluttershy238584 rainbow dash259775 rarity203411 twilight sparkle333388 equestria girls234376 baton259 bell5741 frown28888 glare8703 implied mane six217 lasso1412 objectification434 precure488 rope14204 scepter1328 simple background503639 smiling332240 smirk15929 spear2897 speare1 staff3355 sword13528 transparent background248682 twilight scepter2104 weapon36708 whip1932


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Artist -

I wish I was Muteki
@Background Pony #C6B5  
I kinda want to make Cure Zords now so here’s a list of zord concept I’m thinking.  
Magic: Catapult + Cassowary  
Honesty: Wolf + Crane  
Generosity: Jet + Mole  
Kindness: Bat + Bomber  
Laughter: Ammonite + Sub  
Loyalty: Bullet Train + Dolphin  
Sunset: Noise (Suite Precure)
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Lurking Changeling
Magic Scepter: Was expecting the Twilicane  
Honesty Lasso: Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.  
Generosity Sword: Sharing the sharp end of the blade with everyone.  
Kindness Baton: Beat the kindness into them!  
Laughter Music: What song would it be playing if it induces laughter?  
Loyalty Spear: Not really inspiring loyalty, but rather making others fear for what happens if they don’t obey.