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Vegeta: “raising the moon!”  
Luna: “Make me!”


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Background Pony #9665
This is actually pretty cool, I can Luna as the more aggressive of herself and Celestia so it would make sense tht she would act that to Vegeta. All though let’s hope it’s not just because of the the tension she’s had sense she was sent to the moon. by which I mean sexual if you didn’t know what I mean
Goku: The best.

Celestia: Is he ALWAYS like this?
Goku: Pretty much. He used to be a lot worse.
Celestia: How much worse could he be?
Goku: He used to blow up planets.
Celestia: WHAT?!!
Goku: But he’s a good guy now. Right, Vegeta?
Vegeta: F*ck off!