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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
YES, That’s the Twilight that I LOVE to see!!!  
Science: 1  
Magic Arts: ZERO
As Alexander Pope once said:  
To teach vain Wits that Science little known,  
T’ admire Superior Sense, and doubt their own!
Sci-Twi character design
Trixie Lulamoon design: Trixie Human by The0ne-u-lost
Cherry Jubilee character design: Packed Cherry p1 - Commission by DAkuroihoshi
Braeburn character design: Live long and prosper by uotapo
For more Master Q Parodies, go to:

suggestive179344 artist:meiyeezhu339 braeburn6730 cherry jubilee1215 sci-twi29748 spike88854 spike the regular dog3093 trixie76372 twilight sparkle340581 dog12518 human215496 equestria girls240552 anime7051 boasting68 bra20004 breasts357290 busty trixie5018 busty twilight sparkle15081 card3226 card trick48 cleavage42609 clothes582190 comic127930 dialogue84133 female1662165 funny5023 glasses80818 humanized113253 humiliation2593 magic89635 magic trick699 magician339 old master q504 parody16905 performance222 science1329 scientist460 tanktop9919 traditional art135470 trickery27 underwear73106


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I’m not sure if you watch Ed Edd Eddy but it had one episode where Double D and Ed tried to ‘love’ the Kanker sisters. Normally it would be the Kanker sisters that would do the loving stuffs causing the main 3 to be scared of them but Double D suggested they do it to them instead and it worked. The Kanker sisters then fear their ‘love’….
Spoiler alert: Eddy blew their secret and the Kankers used it against them.
It’s called psychological reversal if I’m not mistaken.
Background Pony #18AE
@Dr. Rabbit  
You should go visit a high school again, then. Most girls finish puberty in high school, and thus generally have close to their maximum bust size in the later years of it.